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Tired of that ugly black build-up in your jar candles? Then make them burn better with a Candle Capper® venting plate! This revolutionary technology creates a specially controlled airflow in the jar that virtually eliminates soot & smoke for a clean, even burn. Several popular designs & finishes are available to fit all standard jar candles.

Designed to stay on your jar candle even while it burns, S'TOPPERS™ combine the decorative beauty of a topper with the patented airflow technology of Candle Capper® to make jar candles burn better!

Autumn Leaves

Holly and Bows


Ice Fishing S'Topper


Indiana University S'Topper

University of TN

Lighthouse S'Topper

Watering Can S'Topper





Pewter Heart

Pewter Nautical

University of Georgia

Grape Barrell S'Topper

Ohio State University

Duke University